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LP Dictionary
meteoraДата: Воскресенье, 2006-11-12, 6:36 PM | Сообщение # 1
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Blinkinsync-182 - Fake choice for the name of the band
Brit pop superstar glasses - Mike Shinoda's sunglasses
Hybrid Theory - The theory that Brad is a hybrid between a man and a woman
Kid - (defined as anyone younger than mike shinoda) anyone in this group is allowed to refer to him as 'daddy' (no, im not making this up)
Cobra Holda - Mike Shinoda
Online Pimp Slap - Highly sought after by FM fans
Linkin Park Kittens - Cats which has blue hair and lots of jewerly
Shinogasm - Mike shinoda induced orgasm. also could be a shinoda version of a Chester Moment
Speaking in third person - When Mike speaks in third person , it makes him go crazy
Chester The Molester - Because Chester likes to touch people's privates
Brad's Headphones - His way of being in the matrix
Going shotgun - Pelvic thrust
Happy Card Boy - Joe
Spike Minoda - The Chemist's associate
The Chemist - Has a maticulous plan to destory the Deftones
Bravery - Being able to walk into a pool without fliching at the cold
Little League Phoenix (ka-pow!)
Clear - the best color ever
'Waiting for the Video' - a brand new TV series by Linkin Park, ratings indicated that i wouldn't be sucessful, however.
Sacasm Filter - a device placed on cameras to eliminate the sarcasm of which is being filmed.
The Sugar Borthers - Chester and Joe's wrestling team name
Family Values - Meaning Mike can walk around in a dress and the rest of LP will love him anyway
Fungee Sponge Munger - A part of the camera
Super duper flash camp tent thing - another part of a camera
Nu-ska - LP's actual genre
Barky Larky - Joe's stuff animal frog
King of All Things Intense - (n) Chester.
Remy - (n) Joe's alter ego.
Waiting for the Video - (n) LP's version of "Making the Video."
The KGB - (n) See "Frat Party at the Pankake Festival."
Gooder - (adj) Chaz's bad grammar.
Bunk Spider - (n) prank done by Chaz (?) on tour bus.
Linkin Jigga - (n) LP/Jay-Z mash-up.
Chicken Fricassee - Food that Rob ordered, and smells like b.o. Mike also threw it back at the skylight window over the kitchen and it bounces off. he said while laughing, "Take it back..."
Bessie - One of Mike's dogs names
A Place For Your Head - Another name for your pillow
meteoraДата: Воскресенье, 2006-11-12, 6:37 PM | Сообщение # 2
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Super Chester - Where Chester wears a towel around his neck, as a cape, no shirt, shorts, and an eye mask, running around screaming, "I am super Chester!"
Mike Color - The color red
Frat Party - An awesome dvd
LP Sims - Linkin Park sims you create and live your daily life out with
The Linkin' Vehicle - When you draw little LP's on your bike
Obsessions - The obsessions of the guys become yours
Married - Tattoo - The tattoos Chester and Sam got on their ring fingers, because Chester was to poor at the time to buy Sam a ring at the time
LP Diary - Your personal diary that has important dates in it such as cd releases, video releases, etc.
BBB - Big Bad Brad
Hahn - Joe Hahn's last name
Drk-Drk - Phoenix's nickname
Chaz - A shorter name for Chester
Gundam Mecha - An robot action figure featured in the "Some Where I Belong" video
LP Day - Linkin Park day, where you celebrate the day Linkin Park released their album Hybrid Theory, and where you listen to anything by LP, including Xero, Hybrid Theory, and you watch Frat Party, Live In Texas DVD, LP/Jay-Z mash up DVD, Making of Breaking The Habbitt Video DVD, you also watch all of LP videos too.
LPU - Linkin Park Underground also LP's offical fan club
Male Strip Club - Where Mike and Chester say they met eachother
Crispy Cream - A little fat area around Chester's belly button which is kinda like a donut
Porta Potty - The potty that Mike was in while the guys pushed him over in
Stupid Rock Star - Joe called Mike after he broke the glass table by putting his fat ass on it
Ass Master - Chester
Craptacular - A word Mike made up
Thi And Midevil - Mike's resturant he wants to start
Virgin Waters - Water that was switched and replaced with Vodka
Linkieboppers - A term Joe came up with for Linkin Park fans
Microsoft - Something that Joe is manufactured by
Linkin Park Toliet Paper - Something Brad said LP is comming out with
Shinoda Six - A band with Mr. Hahn and Mike, something Brad came up with
Sillicon Valley - Is a metal hospital where a rumor stated that Mr. Hahn was writing from
Bay Key - Is usual in Mike's pants and the key used to remove your luggage from the bottom of the bus
Smelly Deil Treys - Something in the refrigerator everyone is afraid to touch
Sweltering Spider Bite - Is a spider bite on Chester's bum from when he got bitten by a mean spider bite with posion while sleeping in the bunk one night
Computer Anonymous - A place where Chester is sending Mike and Rob, because they spend to much time on their computers
Ten PM Stocker - Mike and Chester recorded on the street Stocker Street every night at 10 pm
Gulf Cart - A cart that Mike nearly ran over Chester while they were in Florida
Urban Decay - The only nail polish that Brad wears and is avaliable at Hot Topic
Joe's Philosophy - Take a bath at least once a day. Don't be dirty.
Brad's stomach - Is a model for men's fitness
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